Turning crypto complexity into clarity

Rudy is the first financial app devoted to your
freedom – bringing investment strategies out
of the shadows and into the light.

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Decrypting the future

Ever-unpredictable volatility, complex
assets, and the constant need for
monitoring have been the gatekeepers
to the potential of crypto investments –
until now.

Finance made easy, crypto made clear

Rudy demystifies the crypto investment landscape.
By leveraging deep market knowledge and
expertise, we navigate the intricate pathways of
crypto investments on your behalf.

Designed with you in mind

We craft tailored investment blueprints that align
seamlessly with your personal risk profile and
financial goals, evolving dynamically as market conditions move.

Financial expertise, unlocked by technology

Our technology employs ideal strategies by considering
individual risk profiles and tailored objectives.
A sophisticated robo-advisor here to empower you at
a speed previously unimagined.


Personalized, diversified and optimized

At the core of Rudy you find real human experts with beating
hearts, creating sophisticated investment strategies tailored
to you, liberated by technology.

1 Your finances, your priorities

In our rigorous and diligent onboarding process, we
ask questions about your financial dreams, dreads and
desires. By analyzing your profile and merging it with
our expertise, we create the blueprint for your portfolio
– hedge fund-level strategies tailored to you.

2 The devil is in the diversification

We analyze your profile to create a harmonized
portfolio optimized to spread risk, and amplify growth.
This means spreading your investments accordingly,
and it happens in the buckets.

Our Steady bucket

Steady strategies offer consistent returns through
carefully curated asset selection, balancing risk and
reward for security and predictability, ideal for
conservative investors.

Our Growth bucket

Aimed to profit from market trends by investing in
volatile assets, ideal for growth-oriented

3 Optimized Allocation

Risk-aligned for a peace of mind

Our adaptive approach through
the buckets is designed to offer
the best possible returns for the
level of risk desired by you, and
only you.

Dynamic adaptation

As markets evolve and your
personal circumstances change,
your investment strategy adapts
in tandem across the buckets,
always aiming to secure the best
potential outcomes for
your profile.

Calm and calculated

Our advanced automated
system covers the shifts a
human could never do. By
seamlessly integrating your
customized portfolio with our
technology, we unlock the
potential for the long haul.

4 Building trust, fortifying security

Your trust is our currency, and the future is our investment.

Security you can bank on

Your assets are safeguarded
through multi-step verification,
regulated custodianship,
premier encryption, and audited
smart contracts. Because your
safety is our responsibility.

Transparency fosters trust

We're pulling back the curtain to
reveal the inner workings of your
finances in our operations. No
fluff, just facts. After all, trust is
earned, not given.

Regulatory compliance

Guided by strict regulatory
frameworks, we're here to
disrupt the status quo
responsibly. We are challenging
the current system and shaping
the new, but we don't cut
corners, ever.

We are about
to launch, secure your spot


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Explore our FAQ section for swift answers to your questions.

What exactly is Rudy?

Rudy is a state-of-the-art digital robo-advisor specializing in crypto investing. Our platform designs a personalized investment strategy for you, tailored to match your unique risk profile, using advanced algorithms and hedge-fund-level strategies.

When can I start investing with Rudy, and how can I register for the waiting list?

Rudy is launching soon in Germany. Register now on our waiting list to enjoy three months of free investment. Plus, if you refer two friends, you'll receive a full year of investing without any fees. Stay tuned – we'll inform you first about our official launch!

Is Rudy suitable for beginners in crypto investing?

Yes! Rudy is perfect for both beginners and seasoned investors. Our user-friendly App and educational resources make crypto investing easy to understand and accessible for everyone.

How safe is my money with Rudy, and what happens if Rudy no longer exists?

At Rudy, your financial security is paramount. We collaborate with a BaFin-regulated German financial institution, ensuring your investments adhere to the highest security standards. Your funds are 100% protected against insolvency and can be accessed anytime, ensuring peace of mind.

How is Rudy different from other crypto investment platforms?

Rudy distinguishes itself through a focus on quality, individualization, and innovation. Unlike other platforms, we offer customized, rigorously tested investment strategies. Our unique approach combines two investment 'buckets' – 'Growth' and 'Steady' – to create a balanced portfolio aligned with your risk preference, ensuring a tailored investment experience.

How liquid is my investment with Rudy?

Your investment with Rudy offers exceptional liquidity. You have the flexibility to withdraw your investment at any point, and the funds will be transferred to your bank account in Euro within a few business days.

Can I change my investment profile later?

Yes, your investment journey is flexible with Rudy. You can update your investment profile to reflect changes in your risk appetite or financial goals. Please reach out to our team for assistance with any profile adjustments.

How does Rudy earn money?

Rudy's revenue model is transparent and aligned with your success. We charge a management fee and a performance fee on your investments, ensuring our interests are in sync with yours. You can rest easy knowing there are no hidden costs involved.

How does Rudy handle taxes?

Rudy makes tax reporting a breeze. We provide all the necessary information for you to easily manage your taxes, ensuring compliance and peace of mind. Our platform simplifies the tax process associated with crypto investments, so you never have to worry about complexities.

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Investieren mit Überblick: Rudy, der Robo-Advisor für Dein maßgeschneidertes Krypto-Portfolio


Warum Rudy der Goldstandard für Krypto-Investments in Deutschland ist

A personal note from Rudy’s founders

Hello! We’re Thomas and Philipp.

Beyond being the brains behind Rudy, we’re two friends driven by a simple yet powerful belief – everyone deserves a fair chance at financial success.

To us, you’re more than just a portfolio. You’re a person with dreams, aspirations, and a story that is uniquely yours. We’re here to support those and hope to contribute to your journey.

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and are here to answer any questions
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Thomas Faber

Thomas, a co-founder of Rudy and Head of Product and Tech, directs product development, oversees technical implementation, and adapts strategies to meet the demands of the cryptocurrency market. His professional journey took him from managing his family's business to conducting blockchain research at the renowned Frankfurt School Blockchain Center.

With his passion for technology and risk management, he works every day to make Rudy safer and better. His vision is to enable everyone to use the exciting world of crypto securely and confidently.

Philipp Schulden

Philipp, a co-founder of Rudy and Head of Growth and Customer Success, leverages his extensive experience in the blockchain industry and his tenure at the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center to continuously improve Rudy's operational processes. His focus is on providing our customers with a clear and honest understanding of our services.

His vision is to build a bridge between the often complex world of crypto investments and our customers' need for transparency, security, and comprehensibility.

Thomas Faber

Philipp Schulden