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decentralized finance

Steady returns whether markets are rising,
falling or trending sideways

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Today's challenges

There are significant barriers to accessing and profiting from DeFi

DeFi has started to reshape global finance, yet the asset category remains mysterious to many investors. Despite the vast amount of opportunities, the highly volatile nature, technical risks and regulatory uncertainty have made it difficult for investors to enter the space.

Extremely high volatility

Crypto assets show unprecedented volatility (e.g., BTC
max. drawdown of 83%).

Difficult risk assessment

The risks of crypto assets are hard to assess using traditional risk models.

Deep expertise required

DeFi requires specific expertise and has become
exclusionary as a result.

Complex market infrastructure

Market access is impeded by opaque regulation, fragmented investment infrastructure and bad user experience.

We manage all the complexities, zero out market volatility and create new benchmarks in risk-adjusted returns

Leveraging DeFi

Achieve unprecedented risk-adjusted returns

To achieve this, we develop stablecoin-based and market-neutral portfolios that generate steady positive returns – whether markets are rising, falling, or trending sideways.

We follow an investment process that involves
qualitative and quantitative analysis

What we do

We're covering the whole DeFi investment value chain

Market research

We create and aggregate DeFi market intelligence for the best possible investment decisions. You benefit from our quantitative and qualitative analyses, as well as from our close connection to the community.

Risk management

We are obsessed with what could go wrong and manage risk accordingly. Our risk management system with three lines of defense protects you from risk on the blockchain, protocol, and asset layer.

Portfolio construction

We draw upon the main DeFi revenue sources to generate stable yield – income, trading fee income and reward income. This enables you to achieve stable positive returns even in times of market downturn.

We are research-oriented professionals with the
right degree of nerdiness and obsession

Team of early adopters

We are proven crypto traders with a scientific and practical background, active in the space for 5+ years.

Technical talent

Deep expertise in the technical operations of the DeFi environment enables us to pursue novel, high-yield trading strategies.

Advanced risk management

DeFi requires a new approach to risk management – we model the risks in their entirety with our custom-developed Rudy Stability Score and take effective countermeasures.

Extensive network

We maintain close relationships with numerous blockchain and finance experts from science, technology, and business.

Best-in-class infrastructure

Our flexible IT and process architecture combines operational efficiency with battle-tested security.

Pioneering analytics and tax reporting

With a tailor-made solution, we create seamless insight into DeFi position performance and tax-relevant events.

Our Team & Advisors

Thomas Faber

Co-founder & chief investment officer

Philipp Schulden

Co-Founder & chief operating officer

Christian Viehof

Chief research officer

Peter Hofmann


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